Adopted November 2014

We had no idea last May when we adopted Joolz from Animal House that it would be like getting two dogs in one.  Joolz goes to work with me at United Way of Larimer County almost every day and has become a bit of a fixture there.  She sleeps under my desk most of the day, enjoys her daily walk along the Poudre river, and sweetly approaches everyone she meets looking for treats and a good rub.  Everyone loves her and remarks how sweet and calm she is.  She’s a model citizen, never barking or creating chaos.
It is quite certain that squirrels do not share this opinion of Joolz, as she transforms into an alert and focused sentry in our Old Town backyard as soon as she gets home.  True to her genes, this Manchester Terrier mix has no fear and no tolerance for anything resembling a rodent, fuzzy tail or not.  She’s incredibly athletic and can make it from the back door to the back gate in less than two seconds.  She’s also incredibly strong, and has been seen to leap vertically six feet in the air, which definitely sends the squirrels scattering in every direction. 
Joolz is very fortunate to have an amazingly tolerant sister, our red Husky Bella, who was also a rescue.  Even though Joolz is much smaller, she has that big small dog attitude of dominance and eagerly takes over Bella’s bed and crate.  Most recently, even when Bella is enjoying her bed, Joolz will find her way on there to share in a snuggle.   No worries, Bella lets her have her way with kindness and grace.
Joolz has brought us much joy (and perhaps a little occasional consternation) since her adoption, and we’re very grateful to have her as our newest family member!
-Lisa K.

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