Adopted January 2014

Thumper and Jacques are getting along really well. I'm so glad we decided to get a companion for Thumper.  He appeared to be depressed and would just hang out in his bed all day and look sad.

Jacques is a little pompous and cocky and made himself right at home the minute we brought him in the house.  He has been a good role model for Thumper and has brought him out of his shell.  As you can see from the photo, they sleep together.  

They also like to "rough house", baring their teeth and biting on each others' ears and legs, but only in play.  When they're outside, they chase each other around the yard.  Thumper is a little bullet.  We are very happy that we adopted them.  They're very entertaining and have brought us a lot of pleasure.

Wishing you and the staff of Animal House a Happy New Year!
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