Indiana Jones (formerly Tank)

Adopted August 2011

Hey all,

Just thought we'd write in with an update on Indiana "Indy" Jones (formerly Tank). We adopted him close to a year ago and could not be happier with him in our lives! Everyone always compliments us on how handsome, well-behaved, playful, and friendly he is – and every bit of that is true! Indy has yet to meet a person, dog, or cat that he isn't completely in love with. (He might be a little too interested in squirrels and birds, however!)

He is smart and a very fast learner. Loves his treats. He is athletic and strong, but gentle as well and enjoys cuddle time and a giving lots of licks. We've started hiking as a family, and he's a natural; sniffing a thousand things at once and really engaged with the world around him. He goes everywhere with us – the coast, the mountains, festivals and farmer's markets and restaurant patios – anywhere dogs are allowed.

We're so thankful that Indy came into our lives, made "Foster Fails" out of us, and fit into our little family so perfectly!

Jen, Bryan, and Indy Escalante 

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