Adopted May 2012


24 hours later (we got home at about 6:30 pm in a down pour on Wednesday evening), Hannah was doing just great! 

Thank you all, for the most wonderful companion.  She is very happy to meet people.  Seems to temper her approach depending on whether the person is young or old. 

My neighbor across the street has a Golden Doodle and she and her sons came over early last night (without Piper, as Hannah is still healing).  Hannah went wild for the children. 

Later, my Women's Bible Study group came and they are older than I am (65) and Hannah was gentle, soft, sweet and loving.  Later, at the end of the night, she went around to each woman and "kissed" them on the cheek by putting her head up close and placing her nose on each one's cheek.  In fact, one of the ladies was on the other side of the table and she said, "Hannah, I didn't get a kiss." Hannah went over to Dee and "kissed" her and everyone else on that side of the table, one at a time.  She is precious! 

Hannah can go in and out via a soft doggie door arrangement across my sliding door.  I put up some 6 foot fencing along the back fence where is used to dip down so you could see the greenbelt behind my house. I used reed fencing and it gives the illusion of a solid 6 foot fence so no problem trying to jump out.  

She is using raw hide chews and has not approached anything in the house to chew on.  She doesn't beg for food at the table and lies down off to the side.  She crates nicely at night for bed time and sleeps through the night at the foot of my bed. 

When it's time to go outside, she waits for me to go with her.  She is a great dog!

I am truly blessed by all the good work that the staff at the Animal House has done and also by Ellen who did a great job!

Just wanted to share with you.  Wendy

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