Hannah & Liberty

Adopted June 2012


I got a call yesterday asking if all was well with Hannah.  Yes! She is a happy girl!  I just adopted a rescued retired Greyhound from "Friends of Retired Greyhounds" exactly 1 month to the day from the time I adopted Hannah.

It was apparent that Hannah needed a friend so now Liberty is with us.  It's wild and wooley when the girls wrestle in the yard but they have a wonderful time and sometime "race" the parimeter of the yard. 

Liberty is 4 years old and is nothing but muscle.  She was in a prison training program for about 3 weeks being socialized and trained for basic commands.  The girls are really happy together and it makes me feel good that they are friends and have each other when I have to be at work. 

They have a soft doggy door so they can be inside and cool during all this hot weather.  They play in the morning when we water the plants in the yard and again in the evening when it's cooler.  They are flat out and asleep inside when it's hot outside.
Hannah is in a huge crate at night and is doing well with that.  It's at the foot of my bed.  Liberty is too large for the crate I had so will need to purchase another super size crate like Hannah's for her.  In the meantime, she is on the bed with me so we are all together at night. 

Both the girls love people and are delighted when we have visitors.  Liberty had 14 visitors when she had only been with Hannah and me for a couple of days.  She was delighted with the attention as was Hannah.  Hannah and she are wonderful with children, too. 

So, we have a full house now and it seems to be a very happy time for all of us.
Where you see bare dusty dirt in this picture is now mulch so that if we ever do get rain, it won't be a mud bog out there in the yard.  I'll take another picture so you can see how much better it looks now.
Hannah has been to see our vet and Liberty goes tomorrow.  Both girls seem to be doing very well.  Hannah has boundless energy and Liberty is just the friend to play and wrestle with.
Thanks so much for my beautiful Hannah.  I just love her!

Wendy Ellis

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