Griffin (Formerly Heston)

Adopted February 2015

Griffin (formally Heston) started his journey as a stray in Kansas and made his way to Animal House in late October. He spent a long 2 months at Animal House waiting for his forever home. I think many people passed him up because he would bounce all over his run and bark and be generally obnoxious in the shelter. I have to admit I too judge him.
As a volunteer at Animal House I walk the dogs and work on training with them. One day I came in and saw that Griffin was in need of a walk. I took him on a long hike and he did awesome! I immediately fell in love with him. He was very responsive outside the shelter and had all the qualities I was looking for in a dog. I brought Griffin home at the end of December and he and I started our adventures. Griffin settled in right way. I discovered that Griffin loved to cuddle more then anything. All that crazy excited energy he had at the shelter was replaced by a calm loving cuddly dog.
Griffin spends his days lounging around the house, playing with his stuffed toys and spending afternoons running and playing at the dog park. Griffin loves the dog park and does great with all the dogs he has met. He has also discovered that playing fetch is the best thing EVER! He loves to chase the ball and always hopes that other dogs will join in with him. Griffin has also become a great hiking partner. He proudly puts on his hiking backpack as we hit the trail. He is amazing off leash and never goes too far ahead. He has even earned the trail name of "Prancing Deer" which shows his excitement and prance like jump that he does through the snow on the trail. He and I continue to work on training and obedience and he is responding quickly.
I am so happy I was able to meet and adopt Griffin. He has brought so much joy and companionship to my life. I know that he and I will have many many happy years to come and lots of new adventures. Its amazing how different a dog can be once they settle in to their forever home, Griffin is a great example of a dog not to judge on first glance in the shelter setting.
-Rebecca Rannow 

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