Adopted January 2018

Gracie. I adopted Gracie about 4 years ago. She is a special dog with lots of anxiety and fear of strangers. Unfortunately, about a year after I got her, my other dog and her stopped getting along. Fortunately, she had instantly fallen in love with my mom who she followed around like a shadow and I swear my mom loves her more than she does me. She now lives with her in conifer on 18 acres of land that she gets to hike and roam all day long. She absolutely loves it. She stillis afraid of new people, but warms up quicker than she used to. She even walked up to a stranger and licked his hand then ran away which was a big step. She has filled our family and my moms home with so much joy and laughter. She has such a funny goofy personality when she is comfortable and has so much love to give. Thank you for all that you do for these dogs!

P.S. I also rescued my dog Lani from you as well 5 years ago. She is my shadow and always has to be where I am. She is also doing great and fills my home with love and is the best companion I could have asked for.

-Kelly Ann

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