Adopted February 2013

Hi Stephanie,

Ginger fit in immediately – quite amazing, really. The picture is from this morning. She is very content!

She has no bad habits that we have noticed. She didn’t even bark for her first 3 days here. She is great with the kids and the neighborhood dogs. She doesn’t at all mind the violin, viola, bass & piano playing that happens here – she was just curious about it.

She did bolt out the door a few times in the first few days, but even that is much better already. She does have a funny way of “teasing” – she seems to know what things she shouldn’t pick up (like a sock, or stuffed animal) and she picks them up & dangles them in front of us to get a chase game going. But she is very good at relinquishing whatever it is. So we are coming up with some chase games that don’t involve socks or toys. But we haven’t found her actually chewing on any of these things yet.

We do need to work on training her to come back reliably and to heel properly  – although I think she is catching on very quickly. It’s really all the family members who need to be trained to be consistent.

Erika Lehmann, PhD

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