Ginger & Buffy (formerly Ndora)

Adopted November 2008

You said my dogs would love this recipe … they did! While the dog biscuits were cooling in the oven, I cracked the door to let some extra heat into the kitchen. When I went downstairs, our 2 1/2 year old rescue lab stuck her head inside the oven (cool enough by then, fortunately), and devoured 1/3 of the biscuits before we heard her and stopped the gorging!

The next day I made another recipe and made sure to get everything into an air-tight plastic jar. Both dogs do love them!

Our other dog we got from you as a puppy last June — formerly "Ndora," Buffy is now over 9 months old. My two girls are very compatible — Buffy is doing so well and we are so happy with her! She is beautiful — feathery tail — more a very light golden retriever than a lab.

Marilyn McCord 

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