Adopted May 2018

I wanted to give you guys an update on Finn, he is doing fantastic! He has adjusted really well to the family, and is teaching our Greyhound how to be a dog. He goes to work with me every Thursday, and lives for attention, especially belly rubs. You can guarantee that his ball will never be far away, he loves his squeaky Kong balls (and its the only thing he can’t destroy, even with all of his missing teeth!)

Medically he is doing wonderfully as well. His extraction sites have filled in nicely and no longer pick up food, he is heartworm and ehrlichia negative, and on thyroid medication. He’s losing weight steadily and his hair coat is filling in and getting softer by the day! His energy levels have also exploded, he absolutely loves his long walks and will chase his ball forever, but he is still a lazy napping dog at heart and will sleep next to you all day long if given the chance.

So far he has been incredibly tolerant of every situation he has been in, with the one exception being his anal glands; I had to sedate him to express them, poor guy lost his mind over that one! They had to be done, though; they were bothering him a lot. He has been the perfect fit for our family, and I can’t thank you and your team enough for everything you did for him. He’s the best “mini Rottie” out there!

-Elyse Landwehr

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