Adopted March 2016

Fievel Lakota!
We rescued Fievel from Animal House in July of 2014 after making our journey out west, so keeping his original name was only fitting. He was being fostered with Andrea/Sarah (longtime fosters of Animal House) as Fievel needed to be in a home environment as he was considered special needs as he is completely deaf.  Well he quickly got re-labeled from special needs to a special spirit animal.  His split-face coloring is an ode to many of legends from the Lakota tribe and he truly is a remarkable creature.
From our first weekend with him we took him camping (see first photo) as he needed to get accustomed to our active lifestyle.  A year and a half later he has gone on over a half a dozen backpacking excursions, has climbed 5 14er's and hiked countless trails joins me on my runs and helped me train for the Horsetooth Half Marathon.  He is an exceptional athlete and is built for any terrain, hence one of his common nicknames, F-150 as he is built tough!  After working hard he is a delight in the house and enjoys sleeping in our bed, playing with his 10 yr. old Golden Retriever brother or relaxing in the living room watching football (yup, he even likes to watch sports when he is not out performing them!)  
We joke that he is smarter than most people (which is probably true!) and excels at any and every mental stimulation.  He learns by the use of hand signals and is proficient in basic dog obedience and is now enrolled in dog agility classes after we realized his potential at the 2015 Doggie Olympics and placing Gold in the Overall Pentathlon category (see photo attached).     
If he had to pick his favorite activity it would be a toss-up between chuck-it (on land or in the water) and car rides.  Who wouldn't love car rides as much as him, as you never know where you will end up – Poudre Pet Feed to pick out some treats, a trail worth exploring, agility class, or a friend's house where he can play with his doggie friends.  Although, most car rides are into town as he gets to spend all day at my feet while I work in the office, which is a real treat! 
Thanks Fievel for 'rescuing us' and constantly being by my side and up for anything! Your spirit and passion for life is contagious and I can't wait for our next adventure!  
-Jamie and Mike Weiss

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