Elliott (formerly Vlad)

Adopted October 2010

Hey, Shanel/Ali/Sandra –

I'm attaching an update on my previous foster pup, Vlad now Elliot – the little border collie mix that I so adored but so pleased that he has found a great home. His new owners have really been committed to making it work.

When Vlad/Elliot first went to their home, the first night was great. But then he really started to act out, nipping at kids, separation anxiety, the works. You could tell how much she adored him but she didn't know if he was happy or not.

We talked through different items, obedience, doggie daycare, mood around him, etc and just the basic fact that he needed time to settle in to his new place…and she really ran with it. And I have to say he has done a 180 once again and is thriving at his new home. 

It is so wonderful to hear how much they wanted to make sure he was in an environment that worked for him. And they are just so in love with him it really touches my heart. This was one dog that I honestly could have thought about adopting myself, and seeing/hearing how he is being loved and treated just makes me know he is in a very great place. :-)

Thought you all would like to read his story of settling in. And Sarah sent some great pictures of him!




Here's the photos I promised!

Elliott continues to make progress! He has been going to Day Care 1-2 days a week and they say he does very well. I am told he has made some friends with dogs that stay there frequently! He is starting to pick up on our routine. He learned how to fetch, and LOVES to run around the fenced in ball fields we take him to at the Wellington Recreation fields.

The veterinary hospital informed me that they are building a dog park behind the clinic that should be ready in the spring! So excited for that.

Today he ran errands with me….even had his first trip to Poudre Pet Supply and PetSmart. Still a shy guy, but definitely coming out of his shell! And everyone that meets him just adores him! He is definitely falling into place in our family!

Sarah Volner 

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