Adopted July 2015

Just over a year ago we adopted a tiny little girl from Animal House. We drove over two hours through the snow to pick her up. My two boys held her the entire ride home while we decided on her new name. By the time we got home we all agreed on the name Effie.
Effie was my birthday present and I have never received a better gift. The love I get from her is unconditional. She has grown from a tiny 4 pounds to 16 pounds. She is eager to learn new tricks and has taught herself to get in her crate when we get ready to leave the house. As soon as I put my shoes on she happily runs to her pink kennel.
Effie has brought so much joy to our lives. Every time I look into her brown eyes my heart melts. Thank you for saving her life and bringing us together.

Wendy Veselka

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