Adopted May 2017

Hi Animal House,
Just wanted to give you an update on Duckie. She is a delight and has fit in perfectly with my other 5! Our vet thought she was about 9-12 months based on her teeth and activity level. She loves to play and has a couple favorite toys, which she always has with her. After a couple weeks, I felt comfortable leaving without putting her into a kennel. She has been perfect never chewing up anything or showing anxiety issues. She loves lying in the sun on the deck with the rest of the pack or chasing squirrels on the deck. She also loves going on walks and is a really good on a leash with absolutely no training. She pretty much follows along with what the other girls do. We all love her and are so happy we could adopt her! Attached are a couple of photos.Thank you Animal House!
Laurie Mangum

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