Adopted April 2018

We adopted Thunder about a month ago now (he’s a little white dog, maybe part beagle, part corgi?). We’ve renamed him Dobby (with his floppy ears, the Harry Potter reference seemed appropriate). He is doing SO well; what an incredibly sweet little guy! He continues to recover well from his surgery (to remove a bullet); most of his hair is growing back. The vet (at Aspen Grove) said he looked great. We struggled a bit the first few days with vomiting and peeing, but now that he’s used to us and us to him, he’s settled down. He is VERY attached to me, follows me absolutely everywhere, and just sits at the window and watches for me when I’m out. I’m going out of towntomorrowfor a few days; it will be the first time I’ve been gone for more than a couple of hours, so we’ll see how he handles that…

I’m not adept at sending photos via my computer, but I’ll snap a few shots and send them directly to Jess (I got her card at the adoption). We’ve put the animal house sticker you gave us on our bumper, and are so happy to be part of your furry family.

Very best, Sara Steen

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