Deuce (Formerly Quentin)

Adopted March 2017

I have been meaning to share our success story from when we adopted a dog in July 2016. We adopted a puppy that was being fostered. His name was Quentin and was one of 9 from a beagle mix litter. We re-named him Deuce. (He is our second beagle mix dog. We got Hurri, formerly Hank, from A Soft Place to Land in late May 2015.) These two hounds have become great buddies and love to hike and camp as well as sniff every inch of every trail we take them on. Deuce has traveled with us to South Dakota for a camping trip as well as many around Colorado and hopefully many more as we explore the southwest. (Hurri has traveled with us to Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona and California.) They both love to hike and jog but Deuce especially loves to jump up on things during his walks and jogs (and just around the house-we got a bench that sits in front of our living room window so he can sit up there and look outside.) He is very adventurous and not afraid of much! Ive included some pictures of Deuce (hes the smaller of the two) and Hurri. These great dogs have helped make our family complete! Thank you Animal House! We hope we can help your organization out again some day!

-Janice and Rocky and Hurri and Deuce

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