Dax (formerly Domino)

Adopted July 2010

Hello Sandra,

I'm just writting to give you guys an update on how Domino, now known as Dax that i adopted on january 30, 2010 is doing. He is great!!! he loves my other dog Izzy and gets along with all of my cats, as you can see in the last picture i sent that is my cat Ellie sleeping on Dax's face, they sleep together constantly.

He fits right in with my group and is super smart. It only took him a few days to learn the basics of where he was to go to the bathroom, and the commands "wait" and "leave it" were learned the day after i took him home! I couldn't ask for a better dog he is great!

Also he now weighs about 75 pounds and he is still growing, he is going to be quite a big man :)

Thank you all so much!

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