Copper (formerly Inigo)

Adopted December 2012

Dear Animal House,

I adopted Coop at Thanksgiving. He is a shy boy and is learning to not be afraid of men. His partner is Xena, an eleven year old rat terrier.

When he is not carrying around 3 or 4 of his toys in his mouth, he shares a dog bed with Xena. He has his own, but likes to snuggle close to her.

He is playful, kind, and a perfect dog to complete my family. We take lots of car rides to run errands and go to the barn to see my horses. His toys are always near and he tries to take them outside, but he will drop them at the backdoor to pick up when he comes back inside. He loves his toys.

Thanks for hooking me up with a sweetheart of a pup!
Pat Geddes

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