Adopted August 2017

Everyday I feel so lucky to get to be Coco’s mom! I’d been fostering dogs at Animal House last fall for a few months when Coco came to stay with us and from the first day I spent with her I knew I couldn’t let this special girl go to anyone else! Coco is super sweet to every human she meets (especially children) and it’s a constant reminder of the incredible capacity dogs have to forgive and love! Coco has now been with me for over 6 months and it’s hard to imagine life without her.

Coco bean loves to play with her cousin, take long naps in the sun, steal bacon from her mom’s breakfast plate and spend time outdoors (especially hiking and running around the neighborhood).

Coco has behaved so well in the house and is even starting to enjoy time in her crate. I was aware Coco had some anxiety issues when I adopted her and while it’s still a work in progress, after only a few weeks of training courses and a lot of love Coco has advanced so quickly! She’s having tons of fun now out on walks and hikes and even starting to make other doggo friends at the breweries.

It’s safe to say my life wouldn’t be complete without Coco Bean and I can’t thank Animal House enough for seeing her potential and saving her. :)

-Alicia Brown

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