Clinton (formerly Jack)

Adopted September 2011

The dog God was watching out for my son and I on July 14th when we visited Animal House and found "Jack".

I have had a pet (cat or dog or both) for 40 years and Jack, now Clinton, is unquestionably the nicest, well mannered, loving, friendly, laid-back, dog I have ever come across. It would have been a shame to have destroyed this wonderful pet. He adapted to his new environment immediately and my one worry: that it would upset the "cat balance" was never been an issue.

Clinton (named after George Clinton who was on the radio when we got back in the car after the adoption, and who was singing "Atomic Dog") is now a permanent member of our family and has found his forever home. He adores going to the dog park every day with my son and 'running with the big dogs', although not their size. We are saving our pennies so we can get the DNA kit and determine the makeup of this lovely pet.

Thanks to all in Arkansas and his former family (he had to have had some good care/training previously) and Animal House that provided a path for Clinton to our dog door. He is truly a WONDERFUL pet and is getting lots of love and attention.

Thanks so much Animal House.
Sincerely, Susan and Carey

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