Adopted April 2012

I adopted Charlie in June 2011 after meeting him a few times at Animal House. At first, he was such a shy guy, I didn't think he wanted to come home with me. But, after a few meetings, his sweetness broke through his hesitation and after some good cuddle time, I knew I would love to bring him home.

In our first few weeks together, Charlie and I discovered that he was nervous about a wide array of things – crates, wooden bridges, idling cars, teenagers on bikes, crossing wide roads, etc. One by one, The wonderful people at Animal House supported me with tips and encouragement as Charlie and I worked through his sources of anxiety so that he could strut along confidently through the neighborhood, head and tail held high. He's now sufficiently confident to march across bridges without hesitation and to keep his cool beside even huge idling trucks or packs of cycling kids. 

Charlie even "wiggle dances" up to strangers that he senses have gentle dispositions. When he first met my boyfriend, he was too nervous to take treats from his hand. But now, Charlie gives the most beautifully happy dances and kisses whenever my boyfriend arrives.

Charlie is such a joy to have – silly and affectionate, and yet gentle and peaceful. He is such a blessing, and I'm so grateful to Animal House for promising to care for him until he found a permanent home. Thank you!


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