Charley Bear

Adopted June 2012

Hi Animal House —

Just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that my husband and I are over the moon with our fabulous new furry friend, Charley Bear (aka Charley Murphy), whom we adopted about a month ago. 

He's a great dog, really special and amiable and entirely too smart. He fit into our family with completely ease. We go for long walks and have already clocked lots of hours at the dog park, which is about his favorite thing in the world except chasing squirrels.

He's learning "fetch" and has picked up a couple other new tricks, including how to get David to pet him for hours at night while he watches TV.

Thanks again for rescuing Charley, and for all the great work you do at Animal House!

Cheers —
Trai & David & Charley

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