Adopted September 2014

We are writing to let the wonderful Animal House staff and volunteers know just how big of a difference you have made with a young girl and her now best friend Channing. 
Jessica has been dreaming of a dog who would be her companion/best friend – stay by her side and enjoy life together. Her parents finally acquiesced and decided it would the right thing to look to a rescue dog first. Given the parents knowledge of Animal House – Jessica scanned the adoption dogs on the website, spotted Channing, read his profile and fell in love immediately. 
It took about a week to meet Channing which was the longest week of Jessica's life. However, it did give Jessica time to make a list of all of the things she would need to get for Channing. The day finally came and Jessica met Channing at the home of one of Animal Houses faithful foster families. After the introduction Jessica described Channing as "perfect." 
Channing is now enjoying being the constant companion of a young teen girl and enjoys the big back yard where he can run uninterrupted and play fetch. He loves lounging right by Jessica's side, giving constant kisses and just being outright adorable. These two are hooked at the hip! 
Thank you Animal House for your wonderful mission and for saving this precious soul – you have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE!
-Rex Smithgall and Family
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