Adopted October 2014

I always said I would never have more than 2 dogs, but when the email from Animal House came across saying they needed help fostering dogs, I thought 'I can bring another dog into the house for a little while'. 
I arrived at Animal House to have my dogs meet the foster, and out came this tail-waggin', happy-go-lucky pup, Carter! My first thought was that he would probably get adopted by the end of the week- don't get attached! But, after having him at the house and seeing how happy he was with my other two dogs, Sasha and Holly (formerly Holly Berry at Animal House), I couldn't resist getting attached. 

Carter easily wiggled his way into my heart and family. I took him to a few adoption events, where he became distraught if I even walked away to check out the food truck! In August, I showed him off at the Super Adoption event, where he got lots of attention, but no forever home. By the end of the event, I knew that he was meant to stay in my family. 
I had Carter for about 9 weeks as a foster, and now happily call him my 'foster failure'. I am so lucky to have been his foster momma and now to have him as my 3rd fur baby! He is such a playful, happy and loveable dog! Thank you Animal House for setting me up with the best 'foster failure' I could imagine! 
~Samantha Smeak
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