Adopted January 2013

Hi, Alice and Ali!

I hope you are having a good start to the New Year! I just had some pictures developed from the past 6 months and thought I would share.

Bo has continued to develop his personality and has become more and more delightful! We now call him our "dancing dog". He gets so excited about taking walks, going for rides in the truck, his food, etc. He starts dancing all over the house, letting out little yelps of joy, and holding his tail high. I have shared a picture of him in the midst of a dance step, sleeping on one of the rugs near one of the cats, and leading Bayley out in the middle of the wheat field.

We did have one scare. Right before Christmas, he refused to eat dinner and seemed "off". It was so unusual that we called the Vet Hospital at WSU (our vet was not available) and they told us to bring him in. He spent two days in the hospital recovering from pneumonia. We can't be sure how it happened but the vets think it probably was aspiration – he had been eating his food much too fast. He recovered beautifully and his lungs are clear now. He now has a bowl with dividers that slow down his eating (from a few seconds to about two minutes). All of the attention he received during the illness has helped immensely in socializing him. He is so much more interactive with visitors now, and actually will approach more easily.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Bo is a vital part of the family and doing well. We can't imagine life without him.

I hope this is a wonderful year for both of you and for Animal House.


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