Big John

Adopted May 2015

In July of 2008, we adopted Big John from Animal House. He was an eight week old puppy that had grown to be as big as his mama. I still remember the way that my heart melted when we brought him home. I was in love! He was a sweet little guy that loved to snuggle.
We experienced the growing pains that come along with raising a puppy. Johnny liked to counter surf. He once ate half of a birthday cake that I had left on the counter to cool. He learned though, and so did we. He has always been a sharp guy and a quick learner.

He is getting older; you can see it in his face and the way that he stands up a little but slower than he used to. He loves to be near any of his family members, and always seeks out someone to lay next to. He is an excellent big brother. He allows ear tugs and fur pulls, and patiently waits by the dinner table for his (human) brothers to be done eating, so that he can see what goodies they left him on the floor. He is and has been such a great companion. We are thankful for him everyday, and could not imagine our lives without him!
Sarah Still

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