Adopted November 2012

I wanted to say thank you, and I wanted to tell you that Baxter is doing amazingly wonderful. My husband declared him to be the "perfect dog," and I couldn't agree more. He's still scared of loud noises, but he is so happy–esp around other dogs. He thinks cats are curious creatures to wag his tail at, and he loves chasing squirrels. He won't fetch, but he also doesn't want to leave our sides.

He's the most loving dog I've ever met. He's been a blessing; he really has. I love him dearly. We take him on vacation with us and have moved to Austin with him. It's challenging at times to find a rental that will accept pets, but I would never DREAM of giving up Baxter so that we could have a nicer, one-year rental. A rental is short-term; my beloved dog is forever! I don't understand how a wonderful dog like Baxter was ever given up in the first place, but I'm glad that you all went to Houston, Missouri to snatch him up, because now we have him. Thank you.

I wanted to send you this thank you, because it really means a lot to me that you found Baxter and kept him alive so that we could adopt him. I didn't know I could love a dog this much, and I thank you for sending him our way.

Attached is a photo of Bax and me from our vacation last year to Gunnison.

I hope you're well, and that Animal House is thriving.

Bonnie Emerick

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