Adopted January 2016

In October of 2014 we adopted our wonderful dog Arlo from Animal House. When he came home with us, he was about half a year old and lucky for us, he was already potty trained! He quickly became part of our family. Everyone loves his sweet demeanor and he also draws a lot of attention when people see that he has six toes on both of his back feet! Everyday, Arlo gets to walk to his favorite field close to our house and play with his tennis ball or a nice stick. Some days, he gets to play with his friends down the street, Roscoe and Popeye who were also adopted from the Animal House. He loves road trips, hiking, camping, backpacking but does NOT like to swim or take baths. His favorite snack is peanut butter, but he also loves kale stems. We love Arlo so much and are so grateful to have found a wonderful pooch! 
Thank you, Animal House!!
Emily Poulos

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