Apollo (formerly Chandler)

Adopted December 2016

My boyfriend and I adopted Apollo back in 2012 when he was 8 months old, and the runt of what the AH staff called “The Basset Boys.” I stopped at his kennel just cooing at him nonstop, so your staff let me go in there to visit since his big brothers were out on a walk. Apollo curled up in my lap and gave me those big, dopey eyes and I knew I couldn’t stand the thought of him NOT being our dog. My boyfriend picked him up a few days later. He was a little shy at first and stayed right by the door for half of adoption day 1. Finally, he came into our living room by the end of the day. Four years later, he runs the place. We have since moved to Seattle, where he loves to sniff the seawater with his big basset nose. He’s not as crazy about the rain as he was the snow, but he gets a ton of attention out here, which he loves. He was SO good driving across the country in a U-Haul, and we are so lucky he decided to keep us after that! Thanks for everything, Animal House!

-Elisha N.

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