Spirit Shares Play Yard News

Hi everyone! I’m Spirit, and as the entertainment reporter, I am SO excited to share with you updates about all things fun for the new shelter, and guess what….there will be two GINORMOUS play yards for the adoptable dogs!

Animal House hosts play groups four times a week and the two current areas are pretty small, without a lot of space to sniff around. In the new play yards, the dogs will have so much room they won’t know what to do! And with more space, they can run, play, and jump to their hearts delight while they wait for their forever homes!

The new play yards really highlight the MORE SPACE part of the new shelter campaign. At the current shelter, play groups have to be held before or after shelter hours since they are used for adoptable Meet N Greets. BUT at the new shelter, the play yards will be a separate area than the adoptable Meet N Greet areas, how cool is that!

AND, oh this is so so great, both of the play yards already have sponsors! But we need more sponsors to help cover the renovation costs of the new home. Have you made your new home gift?

Until next time, thanks for reading, I just love sharing good news, having fun, and making new friends!

P.S. Thank you to Silver Paw Studio for providing your time and talent to capture my good looks and fun personality in pictures!

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