New Shelter Renovation Updates!

Hello, Nelson here to give an update on Animal House Rescue & Groomings new home! We are excited to be able to share an update with our supporters!

The team with G.Orr Construction has been working diligently on the new shelter located at 2200 North Taft Hill Road in Fort Collins. They have been building adoption runs, framing the veterinary building, and pouring new flooring is the current focus of construction.

Lots of progress has been made when it comes to building the New Home. Ive seen it with my own eyes! At the end of January, the layout of the adoption building began. We could see where the adoption runs were going to be, and I could easily tell that they are going to be very nice! The dogs in Animal Houses care are going to love the new adoption runs! Meanwhile, construction in the veterinary building also began with the floor being poured and the walls being framed.

In the beginning of February, the floor for the adoption building was complete. It took lots of hard work, but were getting there! And the installation for the HVAC system and insulation in the veterinary building are underway.

By mid-February the walls of the adoption runs were almost complete and insulation and HVAC work had begun.

We are full steam ahead, and we couldnt be happier about it! All of us at Animal House are very excited about our new facility, and we cant wait to share more updates in the near future!

Nelson, signing off for now!

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