New Home Renovation Update

Hey all! Nelson here, back to give you another update on Animal Houses New Home progress! A lot has been happening around here, and Im excited to be able to give an update on how things are going!

The Main Building is looking fantastic inside and out! You can see the areas that dogs will be able to run around and hang out in, and I can guarantee you that all the Animal House pups are going to love it! The main play yard has plenty of space for fun activities and exercise.

The kennels inside the adoption building where shelter dogs will be residing are coming along great. They are spacious, and will allow our canine friends to be comfortable during their stay. The walls dividing the kennels are already up, and the flooring is complete. There is still work to be done, but so much progress has been made!

The veterinary building has also gone through some major renovations including wall construction, insulation, drywall, plumbing and electrical work and it isnt completed yet, but when it is done it will serve as an amazing veterinary clinic for all the dogs in Animal Houses care!

A lot of other work has been done that you cant necessarily see. The new shelter has gotten plumbing and electrical work, an extensive septic upgrade, and an HVAC system!

All in all, a lot of progress has been made at Animal Houses new location, and everything is coming together. None of this could be possible without our supporters, and we couldnt be more thankful for all of you!

So thats what has been happening around here! Ill be back with more updates in the near future. This is Nelson, signing off!

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