New Home Ambassador Lucille

Attention everyone! I, Lucille, have an announcement.

As you may know, I’m using my beauty and sophistication to give back to the people at Animal House Rescue & Grooming who found me, this diamond in the rough, and introduced me to the family I was always meant to have. As the main anchor for the ambassador team, I will bring you news straight forward and honest, with a touch of sass!

Now we have an amazing opportunity to help so many other dogs (some of them almost as fabulous as myself) find their own forever homes by creating a forever home for Animal House.

I’m looking forward to a bright, sustainable future for Animal House in their new home at 2200 North Taft Hill Road. To make this forever home truly a reality, Animal House needs to raise funds to remodel the existing buildings located on the property. Won’t you join us? I’m so excited, I don’t know that I’ve stopped wagging since I heard the news! And let’s be honest, at my age, it takes some effort to get that kind of momentum.

I may be wonderful and talented, but I am only able to be so because of the family I found with Animal House, and I am thrilled to give back to them! Please join me.

Yours truly,

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