Grooming Salon


One of the easiest ways to support Animal House is by utilizing our grooming salon! We have an onsite full-service professional grooming salon that supports our shelter. By having your pet groomed with us, you’ll be contributing to your pet’s care and to the deserving dogs and puppies in our care. We welcome dogs, cats, and small animals!

Appointments available 7 days a week! Call for an appointment today at (970) 224-3647.

Walk-in nail trims available 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 7 days a week. Call the salon for availability outside of those hours.


Baths – Haircuts – Deshedding – Tooth Brushing – Nail Trimming – Deskunking – Ear Cleaning – Anal Gland Expression

Rates vary depending on breed, size, coat condition, and grooming style. Please call (970) 224-3647 for an estimate.

  • Nail Trim $12
  • Nail Dremmel $15
  • Ear Cleaning $5 and up
  • Foot and Pad Trim $15 and up
  • De-skunking Service $30 and up
  • Anal gland expression $13

*Updated pricing based on size &/or breed

  • Cats are $75

  • Small breed (under 20 lbs) haircuts have a base price of $48

  • Small breed (over 20 lbs) have a base price of $50

  • Cocker Spaniels and similarly-sized dogs have a base price of $55

  • Standard Poodles, Large Doodles, Bouvier, and Old English Sheepdog have a base price of $92
  • Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Australian Shepards and similar dogs haircuts have a base price of $70


Great for family, friends, co-worker, employee or party host! Give them the gift to spoil their favorite pet(s) while giving the gift of life for a shelter dog. From nail trims to spa packages we have a service to fit your budget. Visit us to purchase or call and we’ll be happy to mail it to you or the recipient.


We are very fortunate to have two wonderful groomers that are supported by four bathers.

Corey, our Salon Manager,has been grooming pets for over 16 years and been at Animal House since 2007. She began her career as a groomer in the corporate sector which has given her a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge. Prior experiences include managing and re-organizing large salons as well as training new groomers. Following her heart, she transitioned to the non-profit sector with Animal House and loves that her hard work supports homeless animals. Corey has played an active roll in helping Animal House grow into the amazing rescue organization it is today.

Corey specializes in working with dogs that are elderly and with special behavior needs. She takes her time to ensure that each pet is safe and treated with respect. She also enjoys grooming cats and the occasional guinea pig! She loves hand scissoring and constantly strives to improve her grooming abilities.

Coreys spouse Sally and children Rory, Galen, Rowan, and Kieran also share her love of animals. They live with Animal House adoptees Mina, a Standard Poodle mix and Java, the naughties Pug on the block. Corey’s oldest son Rory has grown up at Animal House and now spends his summer helping scheduling grooming appointments!

Kyla has worked at Animal House for nearly two years as a bather and animal care staff. Over the past year Kyla apprenticed with Corey to learn the art of grooming. Kyla is an exceptional quick study and is taking her own appointments now.