Support Animal House by using our professional and licensed grooming services. By having your pet groomed with us, you will be contributing to your own pet’s happiness and to the homeless animals at Animal House.Our shelter is financially supported by every groom. Your pet can truly help save lives month after month!

We offer appointments 7 days a week. Call for an appointment today at (970) 224-3647.

Do not forget we groom cats and other small animals as well!

Rates vary depending on breed, size, coat condition and grooming style. Please call (970) 224-3647 for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

Nail Trim $9
Nail Dremmel $13
Ear Cleaning $5 and up
Foot and Pad Trim $15 and up
De-skunking Service $30 and up

For a lifetime of security, ensure that your lost furry friend comes home. This affordable permanent identification is quick and easy and the cost is only $20!

Do not wait before it is too late, call for an appointment today!

Gift Certificates

Never know what to get your co-worker, party host, friend, family or employee? Give them the gift of life while giving a gift of pampering for their furry friend. From nail trims to grooming certificates we have something for your budget. Call us today and we will be happy to mail it to you or the lucky recipient.