Grooming Salon at Our New Shelter

Greetings readers. It is Lucille, your stylish Follow Us Home news reporter.

As you know Animal House is preparing to move to a forever home in the coming months. One of the great things that will happen with the new home is the extra room that will be allotted to the grooming salon. That means our days at the dog spa will be that much more enjoyable. With extra space, no one will interfere with my beauty routine.

In case you didnt know, the grooming salon helps save dogs like me. In 2015, grooming services brought in more than $167,000 to support shelter operations. (I hear the accountants are still finalizing numbers for 2016 but Id bet my milk bone the numbers were even better).

When you bring your dog, cat, or small animal to Animal House for professional grooming services, youre supporting the shelter. All proceeds go directly to helping dogs like me and my Follow Us Home ambassadors, Spirit and Nelson find loving families and forever homes.

So now that Animal House Rescue & Grooming is moving to 2200 North Taft Hill Road, please go the extra mile to support the dogs and puppies at the shelter as they await their second chance. Make a grooming appointment today by calling 970-224-3647.

Signing off. This is fabulous Lucille, and I hope to see you soon at Animal House (just dont interrupt me when Im getting my pedicure).

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