Foster Care Q&A

Who can be a foster care parent?

Because our program is flexible, all kinds of people can help! We will work with your schedule whether it is part-time, full-time or seasonally, we have a pet that needs your help.

Do I have to provide anything to care for the pet?

While dogs are in foster care, Animal House provides all of the supplies and medications needed to care for them. We will also provide you with training resources and the support of our caring staff. You provide the love, time and responsible care in a safe environment.

Can I foster if I have other pets?

Yes! Animal House will match you with a dog compatible with your household members (two and four-legged!). It is important to us that everyone in the household enjoys the temporary fur kid!

I don’t have a fenced yard or live in an apartment, can I still foster?

Definitely! Dogs do not need a fenced yard to go potty and be exercised. We will provide you with walking gear for your foster dog so that you can enjoy the fresh air together!

Yes, I want to help! How do I become a foster care parent for Animal House?

Simply complete and submit our online application and our Foster Care Coordinator will contact you to review the application and answer any questions that you may have.