Final New Home Fundraising Stretch

Greetings all,this is Lucille, your amazing new home news reporter. As you know, Animal House Rescue & Grooming will soon move into a new shelter located at 2200 N. Taft Hill in Fort Collins. After more than a decade of renting, Animal House will own our facility and this is great news for all the dogs that pass through our doors.

Since April 2007, more than 6,200 dogs have found their forever homes through Animal House. And the new facility will allow the dedicated staff and volunteers to provide a better environment, more efficient operations, and more space to help more dogs and puppies get second chances at life.

While this is, of course, incredibly exciting news, theres something serious I must discuss with you, my faithful readers. Weve raised an incredible amount of money to ready the shelter for operations, but we havent reached our goal yet. We still need $100,000 to cover the costs of renovations, including paving our new parking lot and upgrading our septic system.

All the dogs at Animal House past, present, and future are counting on our generous community to get us over this final stretch. Can you help? Visit our Follow Us Home fundraising page to make your gift. And keep your eyes on this blog for more exciting updates!

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