Drum Roll Please

Here it comes . . . the date we have all been waiting for. Oh my dog, I am getting so excited for the shelter to move to their NEW HOME my tail is going to wag right off! This is BIG. Bigger than the bounciest ball. Bigger than the tastiest, most drool inspiring treat (hot dogs are my favorite!). Bigger than the longest romp in the sunniest open field with your best friend.

They are moving quickly toward move-in day. The permits and inspections are underway. There is hammering and sawing and digging and painting. Nelson, our loveable New Home Ambassador in charge of reporting on building updates, is on the job and saw it himself. He told me about the construction workers and staff scurrying here, there, everywhere to prepare the NEW HOME with the finest finishing touches.

Drum roll, please. Ok. Are you ready? The move in date is . . . just kidding!

I begged him to tell me. When, Nelson? But, can you believe he told me Spirit, you just have to be patient. Wha . . .?!? Do you know how hard it is for a pup like me to be patient? I have tried some of our best and oldest tricks the endearing tilt of the head, the classic sit and paw-shake, and the ole rollover and play dead but no matter what I do, I havent been able to charm the move-in date out of him.

But Ill keep trying, so stay tuned for the announcement that will change lives forever the day Animal House moves into their NEW HOME. And if this hasnt inspired you to get them a housewarming present, we have a wish list on Amazon Smile, I dont know what will!

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