Bedtime Tails: New & Improved Surgery Suite

Ok pals, lay down your noses. I am going to tell you a bedtime story. When you wake up, your tails will be wagging, your ears perking, and your tongues panting, and all excited to follow me to Animal Houses new home!

Once upon a time, there was a house, called Animal House (Rescue & Grooming). And it started small, with a pup here and a senior dog there. They were rescued from and they needed forever homes. Kind of like you guys now. Some came limping. Others came in sick. And still others came infested with critters you know, the ones that make us itchy and give us rashes in all of the wrong places.

Just like it did for those early dogs, Animal House rescues us and gives us warm beds and good food to eat. They groom us, so we smell and look our very best. But they also give us medication, vaccines and surgery, if we need it, so we will feel better. Just look at how they helped Banjo. They gave him medicine for his kidney disease, which is keeping him perky and playful and especially loveable!

But as we all know, the intake and surgery room, which was once big enough for Animal House a long time ago, is now too small for all of the pups that arrive for help. Yes, I mean all of you. The space is cramped; there is barely enough room for the vet, a helper and you. And it takes so much time to process each of us, one at a time. I remember when I went in I was scared.

Now, here comes the best part. Imagine a room that is spacious and bright. One that will fit enough people who will care for you, comfort you, and give you treats. Imagine a place that will be able to treat you right away, so you no longer have to wait for surgery on your cherry eye or that nasty ear infection that you just cant shake off.

Thats right kids. This is the real deal. And there is space for you until you find your furever home. So rest your heads, stretch out your paws, and dream big because your dreams of a bigger and better Animal House will come true for you and many more deserving dogs.

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