Animal House Adoption Video Contest

This is entertainment reporter Spirit with a special announcement!

This is your chance to become famous my furry friends. Bark out to your pawrents that you want them to enter you in the Animal House Adoption Video Contest by capturing your paaawwwssome adoption story on video.

How did you find your forever family? How did they find you? Was it the heart-shaped spot on your butt or your floppy ears? Did you capture their hearts with the tilt of your head or the bounce in your step? Was it the crooked smile on your face or the wink of your eye? You know you’re one of a kind, here’s your chance to flaunt it!

Go all out and be your naturally adorable, funny, heart-warming, goofy selves. Tell your story and show off your creativity in a video that’s one minute or less. Help us raise awareness for the Follow Us Home Campaign and enable Animal House to help more dogs and puppies find their forever homes.

Beginning on Friday, November 4 to November 18, 2016, put your best paw forward and enter your video for your chance in the limelight. Then get ready to vote for your favorite videos. The lucky winners will be honored with special plaques in our new home. For contest details, dates, and rules, visit the contest page.

Thanks for reading, I’m Spirit signing off for Animal House Rescue.

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